What you need to know about custom ecommerce development



What is custom ecommerce development?

Custom ecommerce website design and development is the process of making an online store look and feel how you want using unique code. It also requires making the store perform how you want it to.

Custom development is used for different purposes. For example, you can code an entire website from scratch.

Alternatively, store owners can hire developers to add needed design or functionality to pre-engineered platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

At Foster Commerce, we take a blended hybrid approach: we offer a B2B custom ecommerce website solution, and custom development.

This unbeatable combination: a ready-to-use boilerplate website paired with our development services enables you to build your store quickly and affordably, with options to scale easily.

What is the benefit of custom ecommerce development?

Ideally, your online store should be a flexible tool that works for you. Your store should also be built so it can easily “grow” with your business. In many cases, custom development can help you achieve both.

For example, you can add new features and functionality which can increase sales or improve brand value.

Custom ecommerce design and development can be beneficial for several other reasons, too. Depending on who builds your website and how they charge for their services, it may be easier to control costs.

Even more important, when your site is fully custom (from scratch) or built using self-hosted platforms you own all the code.

Owning your online store's code is different from extending and customizing an off-the-shelf ecommerce platform. Owning means you can never be "locked out" of your store, or otherwise lose access.

However, in the case of an off-the-shelf platform, you are essentially "renting" parts of your site from a vendor who ultimately has control.