Commerce Foundations

Commerce Foundations

Commerce Foundations

Jumpstart your digital transformation with a single investment

Own the keys to your store and avoid monthly costs

  • Launch your store more quickly
  • No monthly SaaS costs
  • Digitize sales and service
  • Never be locked out of your store


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Jan 22, 2024


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The best solution for B2B brands that need a unique, customizable ecommerce website

Commerce Foundations is a fully customizable boilerplate commerce website built with Craft Commerce and Nuxt. Alongside our custom ecommerce development services, Commerce Foundations can get you to market faster with its sales-ready, extensible suite of features.

The future of B2B commerce is online. In this new reality, a website must do more to support the buyer's journey and a business's digital transformation.

The problem is that many businesses can't afford significant disruptions to operations as they change platforms in their quest for digital maturity.

With an eye on reducing costs, business leaders are thinking twice about paying subscription fees for platforms that don't quite fit their needs or for features they don't want.

In short, B2B leaders want to be sure that a digital transformation means more control over their business and its destiny, not less.

Where Commerce Foundations helps

Commerce Foundations gives you complete control over your business's digital future and quest for digital maturity.

Commerce Foundations has been built with foundational pieces of the ecommerce experience in place, giving you a head start on your digital transformation journey and saving months of development time.

It's also fully composable and customizable so that you can build it out on your timeline according to your budget and your desired:

  • Buyer experience

  • Seller experience

  • Admin/ops experience

We're a down-to-earth, people-first agency. We believe in fair and honest pricing. Alongside our development services, Commerce Foundations is yours with a one-time investment.

Digital maturity is a journey, not a destination. We act as your reliable crew, guiding you through the process so you can relax, take in the scenery, and enjoy the process with confidence.

Use Commerce Foundations to start selling today:

  • Modern, performant, headless website

  • Sales-ready for both B2B and B2C transactions

  • Flexible and customizable content pages

  • Customizable product pages

  • Unlimited categories

  • Fully extensible and composable to suit growth

  • Optimized cart and checkout flow

  • Developed to meet accessibility guidelines

Get a head start on your build

Our opinionated boilerplate does the heavy lifting for you, saving you weeks of development resources so you can get a custom ecommerce website up and running in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

Support marketing, sales & service

B2B companies seeking digital maturity are making critical investments in their digital platforms and technology to enable digital marketing, sales processes, and customer service.

Commerce Foundations is fully extensible, composable, and a flexible start to your build or migration. It allows you to create workflows that support your team and unique business logic to support digital marketing, online sales, and service.

Meet B2B customer expectations

Today, B2B decision-makers and buyers expect to do business in-person and online via multiple digital channels.

Commerce Foundations has the infrastructure to create a seamless B2C-like experience for B2B buyers.

Avoid monthly SaaS costs

SaaS platforms typically charge a monthly subscription. With Commerce Foundations, you make one initial investment and avoid expensive monthly fees.

Extend & customize your website

We have implemented the most complex and boilerplate headless commerce website infrastructure for you. While Commerce Foundations can be used “out of the box,” it’s fully extensible and customizable, so you can have a store that can grow with you and look and feel like your brand.

Never get locked out of your store

When you use a SaaS platform, you’re essentially “renting” the technology, leaving you vulnerable to being “locked out” of your store for various reasons.

With Commerce Foundations, you own the keys to your store and the code forever.

Get to market faster with a suite of sales-ready features

A homepage

Your homepage is ready to use and includes a header and content fields set up for you.

Unlimited general pages with page builders

Our page builders support a flexible, out-of-the-box content model with rich text and various possible page types. Content editors and authors can create whatever content they envision without hiring developers.

Unlimited product pages

Our ready-to-use, accessibly built product pages also have a content builder that allows authors to add as much or as little product content as they want. Having pages optimized for accessibility gives developers a pattern they can follow to create accessible options for other fields as needed.

Unlimited collection pages

Collection pages allow editors to assign a category title and description to a group of products in addition to any other required content.

Unlimited commerce products

Allows the upload and display of an unlimited number of products.

A flexible 404 page

Our 404 page is flexible and acts like a general page builder, enabling whatever content editors require for their brand.

Craft Commerce cart

Your cart will work just like you’d expect for any other Craft Commerce website, displaying things like abandoned carts.

Checkout with PayPal and Stripe

Checkout is implemented with user accounts and is plug-and-play once your products are configured. To save you time, we’ve made it possible to connect PayPal and Stripe.


SEOMATIC is the “go-to” SEO setup and management for Craft Commerce. It covers all SEO needs, including controlling page titles, enabling content preview, and adding Google Tag Manager.

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