Website & Marketing Content

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, with new channels and tactics emerging almost daily.

However, a few things don’t change — one of them being solid web and marketing content that effectively communicates your brand and how you benefit your customers.

If you’re wondering how to create better content, we can help by writing content that promotes engagement.

All of our work starts with a basic content audit, where we identify your strategic content needs for a product or service.

From there, we can create things like:

  • customer personas to help identify core messaging

  • offer stacks that you can use on your website and re-purpose in ads or social media posts

  • essential email flows that are responsive to your customers’ browsing and buying

  • updated or new product descriptions that support sales

Benefits of Content Marketing Services

  • Improve SEO

  • Increase email and website conversion rates

  • Take the guesswork out of writing content, saving time and money

How to create marketing content for the buyer's journey

What We Do

As your strategic content marketing consultant, we can:

  • Perform content audits

  • Create customer personas

  • Develop offer stacks

  • Write and set up ecommerce email flows

  • Write product descriptions

  • Review marketing plans and provide strategic input

  • Audit content marketing tech and provide recommendations

Find out how we can help you with web and marketing content