Custom plugins

We’re experts at extending Craft with plugins that meet our clients' business needs.

Customized plugins are cohesive units of code that can be installed or uninstalled at any time without impacting the rest of your website.

If you need things like new field types, workflows, or reports you might benefit from a customized solution.

Benefits of custom plugins

  • Designed to solve your exact business problem

  • Flexible — they can be installed or uninstalled at any time

  • Easy to use and maintain

Examples of custom plugins we’ve created

  • A reporting plugin that gives accurate inventory and sales counts

  • A plugin that extends rich text editing to manage footnotes in research papers

  • A plugin (called a “dream tool” by the client) that allows a preview of draft webpages

Need a custom plugin for your business?

What we do

We listen to your unique business challenge, then we:

  • Propose a customized plugin solution

  • Develop your plugin

  • Install and maintain it