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Pair our efficient custom ecommerce development services with our affordable ecommerce boilerplate, Commerce Foundations, and avoid the limits and expense of SaaS ecommerce platforms.

  • Flexible

  • Modular

  • Scalable

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  • Future-proof

Craft Commerce websites by Foster Commerce

We've built our fully customizable ecommerce boilerplate, Commerce Foundations, using Nuxt and Craft Commerce. Craft Commerce is the commerce engine developed by Pixel & Tonic, the makers of Craft CMS. Considered a popular technology, Craft CMS remains one of the best-kept digital marketing secrets on the web.

Meanwhile its ecommerce platform, Craft Commerce, is an even more hidden hero of B2B business. Craft Commerce is the platform of choice for those who want a modern, performant website built to suit their business and marketing needs, ownership of their code, and zero monthly fees.

Craft Commerce and our boilerplate don't need all the workarounds to fit your business logic that other platforms and their templates require. And with its very affordable annual licensing fee, lack of a monthly subscription, and a whole host of marketing advantages, using Craft Commerce is a no-brainer when it comes to ROI.

Benefits of using our services for your online store

Save time & money building your website

We pair our expert development services with a pre-built solution in the form of Commerce Foundations, a fully customizable, headless ecommerce boilerplate using Craft Commerce and Nuxt 3.

Commerce Foundations gives you a solid basis upon which you can develop a fast, sales-ready, extensible website that comes ready with a suite of features. When you use Commerce Foundations it gives your new store or migration an advantage saving you weeks of development time, getting you to market faster.

And, unlike ecommerce platforms that charge subscribers an ongoing percentage of revenue, Commerce Foundations is a single investment, available as part of our design and development services.

Frictionless checkout

After seeing too many customized checkout flows that were unique but not optimized for conversions, we decided to build a checkout plugin informed by ecommerce best practices.

Our plugin, Foster Checkout, is informed by third-party research, making it a robust and effective answer to the problem of frictionless checkout for Craft Commerce websites. Our plug-and-play solution makes optimized checkout easily within reach and is available to all of our commerce clients at a fraction of the cost of custom code.

An ecommerce platform that honors your unique business logic

When you build using Commerce Foundations, our headless ecommerce boilerplate, you can launch and start selling more quickly. Commerce Foundations is flexible and extensible; as your business grows, your site can easily grow with it.

Commerce Foundations is built on top of Craft Commerce. Unlike other composable platforms with a host of default functionality you may not need, Craft Commerce has simplicity built into its code. This avoids unnecessary bloat on your website which can harm SEO.

In addition, adding, swapping out, or removing components you don’t need is as simple as changing an old light bulb for a new one — with no risk of harm to other parts of your site.

Own the keys to your website, your data, and your code

SaaS platforms essentially allow users to “rent” an online store space, leaving businesses vulnerable to being shut out of their stores for various reasons. In addition, businesses can be at the mercy of unresponsive customer support teams or limited templates that require complicated tech workarounds.

Using Commerce Foundations alongside our development services allows brands to avoid the nightmare of delays, downtime, and lost revenue due to limited systems, being locked out, or lack of developer availability. When you build a custom website with us you have complete ownership over and access to your store, data, and code at all times.

Integrate your store with Craft CMS

Need to add a CMS to your store? Craft CMS is an open-source platform built with content authors and creators in mind and pairs perfectly with Craft Commerce and our boilerplate.

In addition to providing flexible content creation and management for marketers, Craft CMS empowers businesses to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions. With a composable site, we can swap out outdated components with relative ease, minor expense, and low or no risk to data.

Lastly, powerful APIs allow us to develop and design unique solutions to the needs of a business, rather than trying to fit the business logic into pre-defined, limited templates.

Get better SEO & content marketing management

Because your customized website can be built to have precisely what your business requires, it won’t be cluttered with apps that harm your SEO. Content marketing management gets easier too with bespoke solutions designed to fit your marketing team’s needs.

With the ability to add unlimited unique content to your store, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. You also have complete control over your SEO so you can be responsive to the changing landscape of marketing best practices and search.

Make variant management a breeze

For most Craft Commerce websites, developers choose to hard-code variant attributes (like "Color") and their options (like "Blue, Green, Red") into unique, custom fields.

True to our standard to "Make it better", we've created the Variant Manager plugin to make this arduous task far easier. With the Variant Manager, site admins, content editors, and product inventory teams can create endless variant attribute options without the need for a developer to make changes to the CMS code.

The Variant Manager also reduces the work for developers. A developer only needs to set up the plugin’s variant attribute field once to allow content teams to enter their own dynamic attributes and options forever.

Get transparent & reliable customer support

Our site and server management plan is equivalent to what you get with many SaaS platforms and is priced competitively.

The reliable management workflows we employ result in, on average, a greater than 99% uptime on websites that we manage, giving our clients peace of mind.

In addition, our staff is available and responsive when you have a problem that needs immediate attention. If you have a question or urgent concern, getting support is as easy as sending us a message through our project management platform.

What we do

As your strategic ecommerce partner, we can:

  • Design, develop, and launch your ecommerce website

  • Update your existing Craft Commerce site

  • Help you migrate to Craft Commerce from Shopify or other platforms

  • Add or design useful Craft plugins

  • Help you sell more with improved user flows

  • Perform a tech and UX audit for your ecommerce site

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support

  • … And more!


Our pricing allows you to begin designing and building your custom website for an initial investment of just a few thousand dollars.

After launch, we offer affordable blocks of development time and a maintenance plan so you can continue to grow your store with confidence.

For those who want to get to launch quickly, we make Commerce Foundations, our ecommerce boilerplate website available. Our boilerplate shaves weeks off of development time, quickening time to market.

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Foster Commerce has helped Haute Living optimize any capability — from ecommerce functionality to email marketing. Their expertise in platform integration and cross-channel functionality shines through in every project.

Grace Heutel, Digital Marketing Specialist at Haute Living

Since implementing subscriber forms, my subscriber list has tripled in three months.

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A new website for an industry leader

When Elektroplate needed a website update they turned to their long-time strategic partner, Foster Commerce, to help them migrate to Craft. As a result, Elektroplate has a new website that engages customers and drives sales.

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