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Benefit from our knowledge base and experience

Close a knowledge gap, move through a roadblock or establish more effective workflows with our consulting and advisory services.

Craft CMS development consulting by Foster Commerce

Benefits of consulting & advising services

Close knowledge gaps

In the ever-evolving field of ecommerce and tech it’s not uncommon to experience knowledge gaps. Hiring a knowledgeable advisor or outside development team to give input can save valuable time and company or client resources.

Move through roadblocks more quickly

Reaching an impasse about a critical tech decision? Getting a third-party’s perspective may be a way to come to a resolution when you’re stuck — or may reframe the issue to reveal solutions that are more than momentary.

Establish proven development workflows

At Foster Commerce, we’ve created developer workflows that instill confidence that the right solutions are being developed in a timely way. We can assist you to re-think your workflows, or help you use our templates.

Fulfill developer education goals

As we learn more and improve ourselves as developers, we feel strongly about assisting those who may be newer to the field. We specialize in Craft Commerce, and are eager to share what we’ve learned when it comes to commerce development.

What we do

As your consultant we can support you to:

  • Map and plan websites

  • Develop a content strategy

  • Scope projects so they’re built right

  • Decide whether to “build or buy” an ecommerce website

  • Provide better project management, code reviews, and leadership

  • Streamline management of your agency’s budget and finances

Your first consultation is free!

Make an appointment with our CEO, Stephen Callender, to start a conversation.

Stephen and his team have a deep background in Craft CMS. They are also great problem solvers and educators which makes them a perfect partner.

Leslie Camacho, formerly with Craft CMS

My development costs have actually decreased by about 25% even though we stepped up the number of requests we were submitting. I recommend these developers for any web consulting or development project; they're among the best in the business.

Chip LaFleur, LaFleur Marketing

Building exterior closeup

A custom event ticketing system for Facade Tectonics

FTI engaged Foster Commerce to sunset its use of Eventbrite in favor of its own custom events and ticket sales management system.

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