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Together, brand strategy and design form the cornerstone of a business. A strong brand aligns everyone in a company with its purpose and effectively communicates its identity to customers and prospects.

We approach branding with a unique process that identifies your brand's core archetype. The heart of our method ensures that your brand tells a story and moves customers on an emotional level toward greater trust and engagement.

Branding and design services by Foster Commerce

Benefits of brand strategy & design

Clarify your brand direction and focus

A good brand strategy and design process often surfaces new opportunities for a brand to re-focus. New priorities can emerge, or existing priorities can be strengthened. The result is a clear path forward and a new level of brand clarity for everyone in the organization.

Build trust with customers

Brand strategy and design communicates to your audience about who you are, your values, and why you exist. When customers experience your brand through daily interactions across multiple channels and touch points, it builds trust in you, your team, your products, and services.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Customers are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of brand visuals and messages a day through multiple channels, both online and off. Potential customers can easily “scroll past” and spend their money elsewhere. Having a distinct brand presence short-circuits this process, getting a person to stop, look, and take action.

Strengthen marketing campaigns

With strong brand visuals and an understanding of what you want to project out into the world through your brand’s “voice” and values, marketing campaigns become more focused and easier to create.

Increase ROI

As trust in your brand grows, so do referrals and repeat customers. Strong brand recognition builds on itself, helping to focus marketing and create customers who become natural brand advocates and ambassadors.

What we do

As your brand strategy and design partner, we can:

  • Lead you and your team through a 3-week branding strategy process

  • Lead you and your team through a 3-week visual brand design process

  • Design your logo and logomarks

  • Compile your brand strategy and design assets into a comprehensive brand book

How to get started

Step 1: Contact us

Let us know you'd like to start a brand strategy and design project.

Step 2: Meet for a consult

We’ll learn more about your goals and what you hope to achieve with your branding.

Step 3: Request a proposal

We'll present a detailed work proposal to you and your team and answer any questions you might have about the process.

When you give us the final OK, we book your project and get started!

It's that easy.

Your approach is spot on. I’ve spoken to a lot of web design firms and they’re too ready to jump into designs without knowing the business. We’re better prepared because we work with Foster Commerce.

Hinson Lai, Lanxn Founder

The best thing I can ever ask for in a client or vendor is trust; it inherently builds a sense of creative freedom and ownership for the project, thereby turning out quality work that everyone can be proud of.

Wendy Thai, Designer

Image of Priorities brand book

Concordia Wealth Planning brands its app with Foster Commerce

To broaden its range of services and grow its audience, Concordia Wealth Planning engaged Foster Commerce to provide strategic branding for a new digital product.

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