Podcast prep

Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on our podcast!

What to expect during the interview:

Commerce Minded episodes are casual, conversational interviews and discussions. We simply hope to learn from your experiences, celebrate your wins, and hear what's next.

Stephen and Elle (and any co-hosts) ask the questions they are most curious about.

The framework for each episode is designed to explore the guest's present, past, and future career life.

  • First, we learn more about you: your current company and what you're doing today.

  • Second, we talk about one or more successes; something you're proud of. This often leads into more backstory and asking "How'd you do it?" type questions.

  • Third, we ask about the future. What challenges are you looking to overcome? What exciting new adventures await you?

Also, Stephen will start each episode by asking that you play a very simple game. (It's the closest chance he'll have to being a "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" host. Thank you for bearing with him. 😅 )

Who is our audience?

We hope digital marketers, website managers, ecommerce directors and business owners will tune in to hear your story!

How long is each episode?

Between 40-90 minutes.

Is the show audio or video?

Both! So, have your webcam on and join us from as professional of a setting as possible.

How to prepare for your interview

1) Use your computer

Please use your computer for recording, not your phone. This will ensure we have the best quality possible.

2) Google Chrome is preferred

If possible, please have Google Chrome open during the interview. This enables us to record an audio backup of the interview. If you don’t have Google Chrome, it is okay, but it is preferred if possible.

3) Remove distractions

Please be in a quiet place and turn off any cell phones or notifications. We suggest that you shut down other applications on your computer during the interview to minimize interruptions.

4) Audio Quality

Please use the best microphone you have available. If you do not have a microphone then use at minimum a pair of earbuds or a headset. This ensures the best audio quality for the listener.