How Craft Commerce Makes Possible

Commerce Minded. Written by Stephen Callender. Recorded by Jeremy Daalder.

Jeremy gives us a full tour of his custom Craft Commerce build for in these seven videos.

In just over 90 minutes of screencasts, we get a rare view into another Craft Commerce store's build structure.

What stands out to me watching these videos is how Jeremy, especially as the owner of this business, never loses site of the business purpose behind the site's architecture. The architecture meets his business needs and not the reverse. This an asset that very few ecommerce platforms can offer at the level in which Craft Commerce does.

I hope you enjoy this deep-dive tour.

If you have questions, feel free to ask Jeremy or me in the #craftcommerce channel over in Slack for Craft CMS.

#1: Introduction (3:55)

In this short intro, Jeremy provides the context for the additional 6 videos, discussing why he built this site himself and why he chose Craft Commerce.

#2: Products Everywhere: "Living Magazine" (21:49)

Jeremy shows how he built a "living magazine" site that utilizes common product pages and in-depth knowledge articles about products from where those products can also be purchased.

#3: Page Building (14:02)

Jeremy reveals his intelligent page-building options within Craft, primarily utilizing the Matrix and Super Table fieldtypes.

#4: Order Processing (15:11)

While Craft Commerce has limited order processing features out-of-the-box, it still allows you to extend the platform to build the custom order processing workflow your business needs. Jeremy added a custom "order events" tracking feature that integrates with Freshdesk.

More fieldtypes worth noting: Preparse Field and Dyanmic Fields.

#5: Super Receipts (9:24)

Image Science sends online customers appropriate product information at the time of their purchase in what Jeremy calls Super Receipts. Watch as he explains the three levels of his Super Rceipts.

#6: Extending Craft and Commerce (11:43)

From complex shipping prices and methods to SMS texting, Jeremy shows off how they've extended the core of Craft and Commerce. The highlight here is Image Science's shipping box sizes options.

#7: Devops (17:28)

Jeremy makes a case for using Ansible as he walks us through his Craft Ansible plugin for deploying Craft websites.

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