Working with Foster Commerce


How quickly can you begin my project?

Typically, we schedule and begin new projects within two weeks after the contracts are signed.

Will I have dedicated hours on your schedule?

Yes! For new builds we are all in until your website is live. Post-launch, we offer an affordable site and server management plan to handle updates, site monitoring, urgent security patches, and other regular maintenance for you.

Who will be assigned to my project?

We assign a permanent account manager, lead developer and other developer specialists as needed to each project. This ensures a higher quality build for you because as developers work on each others’ code, they learn, give feedback, and improve.

What if the scope of my project changes?

Because we contract for hours vs. an entire build, it’s not a problem if the scope changes. At any point, you can reduce the scope. You can expand it. You can change your mind.

How do you invoice?

We invoice monthly or quarterly by the hour, in blocks of 25 hours according to your project timeline and budget. Each block equals about a week of work.

What if I need more hours?

If you need more hours after launch, simply make a request, and we’ll get them scheduled! They’ll be added to your invoice as an extra line item.

What about urgent requests or emergencies?

Generally speaking, we don’t put out fires because we don’t create them 😉. However, after your site is live for anything emergent we respond within 2 hours.