The cost of ecommerce website design & development


How much does it cost to design a new ecommerce website?

This answer depends on two things: the scope of your project and your chosen designer.

Scope includes things like how big your site will be and how many design components you’ll need. The scope also includes whether or not you’ll need a library of design systems or branding.

Typical design requirements include a total of about ten templates. Templates include a design system, a unique home page, default marketing pages, and reusable components.

Increasing costs depend on how many of each of those things (templates, components, etc.) you will need.

What and how your designer charges are the next factors. Design fees will likely be determined by the designer's experience, professionalism, and their ability to incorporate strategy into their designs.

For example, there are designers who consider design as a hobby and therefore charge little to nothing for their work.

However, most merchants who are serious about their business hire an experienced designer. In this case, expect to pay the same types of fees as you would any other professional for items like brand strategy, brand assets, logos, and designs.

What does ecommerce website development cost?

The costs of building a website can vary widely. That’s because costs depend on which ecommerce software you choose and how complicated your site is.

For example, if you have a very simple store and choose Wix or Shopify it's possible to keep expenses in the low hundreds of dollars per month.

However, for merchants who have larger stores, more complex stores, or who have greater sales volume cost can change dramatically.

We build using Craft Commerce because of its very reasonable licensing fees.

And unlike some off-the-shelf platforms our fees don't change based on a merchant's sales volume.

After an initial build, cost for ongoing custom development depends on the number of additional design components required, the integrations needed, and the scope of work.

How much does it cost to maintain an ecommerce website?

Each agency charges differently for ongoing maintenance, which is different than adding new functionality or features. Currently, we offer site and server management for a low monthly fee.

Our clients can also add new features after site launch at the same hourly rate as our original development fees. The total investment for additional features and functionality depends on what you want to add and its scope.