Variant Manager

Variant Manager

for Craft Commerce

Variant Manager

Manage large & complex product catalogs


Easily create unlimited product variants in a few simple steps

  • Quickly add, update, or remove variants
  • Retain unique SKUs and prices for each product’s variant option
  • Reduce mistakes in variant management


Last Update

Mar 28, 2024


Craft 4

Save time and reduce mistakes in complex product management

For most Craft Commerce websites, developers choose to hard-code variant attributes (like "Color") and their options (like "Blue, Green, Red") into unique, custom fields.

With Variant Manager, site admins, content editors, and product inventory teams can create endless variant attribute options without the need for a developer to make changes to the CMS code.

Variant Manager also reduces the work for developers. A developer only needs to set up the plugin’s variant attribute field once to allow content teams to enter their own dynamic attributes and options forever.

Please note: Variant Manager requires Craft Commerce

Use our Variant Manager to instantly and easily update products’ variants:

  • CSV file-based upload of products and variants

  • Unlimited products and variants allowed

  • Reduce mistakes through an automated check of your file’s accuracy

  • Download accurate variant data in a per-product CSV file

  • Automatically add new products and their variants to your store

  • Reduce manual entry and save time

Easily add new products

To add a new product, simply enter its name and any variants in the CSV file to create it in Craft Commerce.

Save valuable time

For large catalogs with many variations for each product, it can be tedious to manually input all of the variant options, quantities, and prices on the website.

With a CSV file import feature this process is automated, allowing you to add new product variants and information, or update existing ones, with a simple upload.

Reduce mistakes

Admins are alerted if there are missing required columns in the CSV file. They will also be alerted to duplicate SKUs before upload.

Create a user-friendly shopping experience

Because variants, products, prices, and SKUs are easily uploaded and maintained with Variant Manager, customers aren’t at risk of finding and purchasing the wrong product for their needs.

Developer-specific benefits

No more hard-coding variants

When you have many variants with lots of configuration options programming that selection logic can get tedious and sometimes tricky. Our plugin handles this for you. You set up the variant attribute field and our plugin does the rest!

Add unlimited variant attributes with a simple CSV structure

The CSV import process enables easy organization of a variety of variant options that can change from product to product as needed. Simply create columns with headers that begin with 'option.’

Easily create front-end product option selectors or filters in your templates

The Variant Manager documentation includes examples for building front-end product option selectors. Or do it yourself using native element queries.


How much does the Variant Manager cost?

Variant Manager is $147.

Where can I find documentation?

Visit our documentation page to learn more about how to set up the Variant Manager.

Who can I contact with an issue?

If you’re experiencing an issue, you can submit it on GitHub.

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