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It's Time to Seriously Consider Building Your Next Store with Craft Commerce

For the first time in Commerce's life, we're going start iterating on Commerce on a rapid cycle.

-Brandon Kelly, CEO Pixel & Tonic

Craft Commerce, a relative newcomer to the custom ecommerce scene, is pushing the boundaries of bespoke ecommerce with their latest releases.

The arrival of Craft CMS 3 and Commerce 2 are sure to catch some eyes of merchants needing to emphasize brand experience or escape the feature limits of hosted ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

For those already familiar with Craft, the release of Commerce 2 signals the beginning of a future-proof Craft-based store, eliminating the worry of a looming major Craft CMS update. And with the introduction of Commerce Lite, a more accessible store solution, Craft is sure to impress. homepage

A more stable story for Commerce

Since its creation, Commerce has always been trailing Craft, just a step behind. Now, for the first time in Commerce’s life, the team at Pixel & Tonic will have the opportunity for rapid iterative development, meaning they can focus on features, not just on catching up with Craft.

This is a big deal if you’re planning to replatform or update your store in the near future.

The future of Craft and Commerce

With the core platform rebuilt for Craft 3, Pixel & Tonic is now focused on further improving the authoring and developer experiences.

The changes they plan to push out over the months and year ahead will have a significant impact on the way teams interact with the platform.

Based heavily on user feedback and the direction that Craft has already been pushing, more new features have also been added to Commerce 2. Here’s what you can expect to see soon.

  • Subscriptions (using Stripe)
  • Friendlier order numbers (bye-bye hash ids)
  • Payment gateways as individual plugins
  • Primary customer addresses for billing and shipping
  • Payment sources for logged in users
  • Improved and extended promotion abilities
  • Add multiple products to cart at once
  • Two-step payment process (authorize then manually capture)
  • Search for orders by address info, customer name, username, or transaction reference
  • Partial refunds
  • Multi-store support (not in version 2.0.x)

Commerce 2 comes with much-improved extensibility changes. Developers can do more than ever before with custom modules and plugins. Have a unique shipping cost logic? No problem. Have a unique checkout flow requirement? No problem.

The improved APIs and the existence of the new plugin store will certainly encourage contributions from the developer community extending the core. In terms of ecommerce, there can’t be enough integrations. It will be good to see developers offering a variety of plugins for payment gateways, shipping services, accounting platforms and marketing tools.

We're eager to introduce our Commerce Insights sales reporting plugin soon.

There will be plenty of time for everyone to settle into the new Craft and Commerce. While ideas for Craft 4 might be in the works, Craft 3 and Commerce 2 will have plenty of time to breathe. Don’t expect a Craft 4 release until after 2019.

In our view, the future for Craft and Commerce are bright. More merchants will soon get to experience what the early adopters are raving about.

Listen to my interview with Pixel & Tonic CEO, Brandon Kelly, and principle Commerce developer, Luke Holder.

Bespoke Commerce

Craft Commerce is ultimately a platform to build custom ecommerce solutions for merchants. That’s not changing with the release of Commerce 2. Commerce will continue to excel when merchants require custom workflows and integrations; essentially, where the brand experience matters.

With competitors like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento, merchants would do well to consider how essential customizations and content are for their long-term success. Craft Commerce shines in situations where customization and integrated content is to the brand.

And when complex stores are not essential, the introduction of Commerce Lite makes things more accessible, providing a solution for simpler use cases.

Dot All 2018

With Dot All, the Craft CMS developer conference, just days away, the Pixel & Tonic team is excited to turn it up to eleven this year in Berlin. The goals are the same as last year, but the scope is much greater. There's four times the content with three workshops, two tracks on day two, and more topics covered allowing attendees to level up in a variety of areas.

Beyond the content, Dot All provides a unique opportunity to bring the community together, put faces to names, and put people in the position to make valuable connections while learning valuable skills. There's something for everyone.

Looking forward, expect to see Craft and Commerce continue to claim more and more of the content management system market share.

By Stephen Callender (@sjcallender)
Sept 11, 2018

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