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Getting to Know Jason Mayo of Shape, Creator of the Commerce Widgets Plugin

Episode 8. Commerce Minded. Hosted by Stephen Callender.

In this episode of Commerce Minded

He’s contributed some great tools to the community, including the Commerce Widgets plugin, and he’s the co-founder of Shape, a web design studio based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Jason Mayo joins Stephen to chat about Commerce 2’s new subscription feature, the implications of plugins that come out of projects, and the importance of prioritizing physical activity for health.

Listen to hear what Jason has learned using subscriptions in Commerce 2 and how the data provided by the Commerce Widgets plugin is helpful for both clients and agencies in understanding and shaping the ecommerce process flow.

Key takeaways

  • Cycling to work is Jason’s way of staying physically fit and boosting mentality, especially during stressful or high volume work times
  • Jason met co-founder Andy at university, and they have been working together at Shape eight years
  • The Commerce Widgets plugin tracks stats and conversions, providing useful data
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve with Commerce 2’s new subscription feature

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