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Expertise-Based Ecommerce: Why Craft Commerce is the Right Platform with Jeremy Daalder of Image Science

Episode 4. Commerce Minded. Hosted by Stephen Callender.

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Is it possible to survive in the world of ecommerce with big box competitors like Amazon? Jeremy Daalder’s business, Image Science, has more than survived--it’s been thriving for over 15 years.

Jeremy believes the key to future success is in expertise-based commerce and businesses knowing their niche in an exceptional way. He’s built a website that really exemplifies this idea, and he’s also created a few essential Craft Commerce (version 1) plugins such as Commerce Register on Checkout, Friendly Order Numbers, and Multi Add.

Listen to better understand just how powerful the combo of Craft CMS with Craft Commerce can help you turn content into conversions.

Key takeaways

  • Jeremy’s diverse background and experiences led him to start an “accidental business.” Image Science took on a life of its own, and over 15 years later he’s still running the company.
  • Craft Commerce is the perfect system for taking content and commerce and intertwining them seamlessly without sacrificing quality and efficiency for either one.
  • Jeremy has built his website as a reflection of his business, with a focus on education, quality, and knowing his niche.
  • The world of ecommerce is moving toward big box stores like Amazon, the massive looming competitor, but all they are is a marketplace. That means the future of ecommerce for everyone else is expertise-based commerce: knowing and communicating about the domain exceptionally well.

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