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SKUs Galore: Eric Marthinsen and Tracey Corbitt

Episode 13. Commerce Minded. Hosted by Stephen Callender.

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Having that great relationship between developer and business is something that is often difficult to achieve, but today’s guests are an excellent example of what that looks like.

Eric Marthinsen of Built and Tracey Corbitt of Rochester Electronics discuss the unique challenges of building an ecommerce site selling over 350,000 SKUs and the company’s fascinating business model. They also each give some insightful advice at the end, so be sure to stick around for that.

Tune in to learn why Craft Commerce was the right choice for Rochester’s site build, what it means to look at sales and digital marketing from a technical perspective, and what to watch out for when rebuilding, re-platforming, or building a fresh site.

Key takeaways

  • Craft Commerce saved the day for Rochester, giving them a better build but also making it affordable for them to have a custom site that fit their business needs
  • They faced a unique challenge, with likely the highest number of SKUs in their system of any Craft site
  • Rochester Electronics has a fascinating business model
  • They take a technical approach to sales and digital marketing operations
  • Eric and Tracey each give some valuable advice

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