What does Foster Commerce mean to us?

By Foster Commerce

May 27, 2024

What does foster commerce mean to us?

As website development experts, our goal is to help brands sell more — it drives our passion daily.

But it’s not the only thing we’re passionate about!

Behind each brand are people.

Read more below to learn about what Foster Commerce means to us.

(Hint: It’s not about the money!)

From our CEO

Helping people be successful & enjoy work

I’m happy that Foster Commerce has a core set of skills and standards that allow us to be people who help merchants achieve their dreams.

I’m passionate about helping clients run successful businesses and enjoy their work. I want the same for my employees — that’s the core of Foster Commerce’s mission.

So, I’m not here to win accolades or make a ton of money. At the end of my life, I want people to say things like, “He cared.” That would be the main thing.

And that’s what Foster Commerce means to me.

Here are thoughts from the rest of the team. . . .

An environment where people & businesses thrive

Foster Commerce is about creating an environment where people (and your ecommerce business) thrive. Through clear communication, established processes, and the right tools, Foster Commerce makes it easy for you to create the perfect digital storefront and experience for your customers.

Darrik Moberg, Head of Engineering

We have a saying in Spain, "Sin prisa, pero sin pausa," which roughly translates to "not rushed, but never pausing." It's about the importance of getting things right the first time. This approach attracts talented individuals to our team who take pride in their craft.

Michael Van Dorth, Senior Front & Back-end Engineer

Foster Commerce means enabling our clients to build businesses that prosper—businesses that are enjoyable to run, provide a good living for employees, and support the communities where they operate.

Matt Riopelle, Account Lead & Director of Operations

Foster Commerce means uniting a diverse, remote team of experts from around the world that anticipates our clients' needs, builds cutting-edge ecommerce solutions, and provides exceptional support for business growth and adaptability.

Kingsley Atanang, Front-end Engineer

Foster Commerce means meeting our clientele’s business expectations by creating and fine-tuning deliverables using efficient technologies. For each development cycle, “Foster Commerce” means ensuring we do our best to deliver an excellent result from start to finish.

Chiedu Bakwenye, Engineer

For me, Foster Commerce is a breath of fresh air. It’s a caring place where people's needs are put ahead of anything else. The atmosphere is relaxed, and opinions are not only sought but also considered. I feel like I have a voice and my input is valued.

Pete Eveleigh, Senior Back-end Engineer

Foster Commerce has brought back my love of meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. My work-life balance and my experiences and opinions as a specialist and as a person are valued here. For me, Foster Commerce is a cozy company of cool specialists who know their stuff.

Lisa Tymofeeva, Designer

Foster Commerce acts as a catalyst, promoting the happiness and success of people and businesses. We’re a supportive group of people who pool their kindness and expertise each day to accomplish great things for our clients.

Elle McSharry, Director of Content Marketing

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