Multiple currency setup in Craft Commerce with Sebastien Dehesdin

Episode 19 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

May 14, 2019

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Stephen chats with Seb Dehesdin who came up with a clever multiple currency setup solution in Craft Commerce for his client’s designer clothing ecommerce site.

While Craft Commerce is a powerful platform offering businesses the ability to write the story for their brand with content and present it in a unique way for their niche, when it comes to some of the commerce-specific features merchants are asking for, there is still some room to see improvements.

Tune in to learn about the challenges of multi currency as Seb walks us through the setup, technical aspects, and customer experience flow of his solution.

Key takeaways

  • Seb’s solution is straightforward for users

  • The backend setup is simple with a few minor drawbacks and workarounds

  • One plugin currently exists to provide a similar solution for multi currency

  • Once this feature is baked into Craft Commerce, it’s going to put them ahead of the pack

  • The success and future of Commerce will be determined by how merchants start talking about it