Matt Stein of Working Concept made a Snipcart plugin for Craft

Episode 17 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

Apr 16, 2019

In this episode of Commerce Minded

We take a sneak peek behind the Matt Stein’s curtain. Matt is a developer with a design background, who has recently developed the Snipcart plugin for Craft CMS. Matt talks about his motivation to create the Snipcart plugin when there were already two great ecommerce plugin options on the market currently - Commerce Pro and Commerce Lite, and gives us insight into where Snipcart sits between the two, and who should be using it.

Listen as Stephen chats to Matt not just about his professional life as a developer, but how he achieves his work/life balance.

Key takeaways

  • Why he chose to settle in Seattle rather than Boston after university.

  • How Snipcart differs to Commerce Pro and Commerce Lite.

  • Why, even though he’d been developing Snipcart since 2014, he only made it public recently.

  • How he determined the cost of the plugin ($179).

  • Why he’s a perpetual learner who just loves learning new things (and why his home sewn, manly reading pillow is a solid invention).