Let’s chat GDPR and abandoned carts with Pete Eveleigh of Moresoda

Episode 7 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

Nov 27, 2018

In this episode of Commerce Minded

What’s the deal with GDPR and what does it mean for how ecommerce sites handle abandoned cart emails? Craft Commerce developer Pete Eveleigh, technical director of Moresoda, shares some valuable insights on the topic.

It’s a fun conversation, and Pete talks about some of the amazing work and Craft Commerce builds Moresoda is currently doing and a few exciting things in the works.

Listen to learn how the flexibility, simplicity, and intuitiveness of Craft Commerce makes it great for both clients and developers to work with it, and why GDPR compliance isn’t quite as complicated as it sounds if you’re upfront and honest on your site and in your communication.

Key takeaways

  • Craft Commerce ticks all of the boxes for Pete and Moresoda because it’s flexible, intuitive, and simple--yet incredibly powerful

  • Working with Craft Commerce is a great experience for both developers and clients

  • GDPR compliance and abandoned cart emails don’t have to be super complicated--as long as you’re honest and upfront with your customers