Introducing Concierge Commerce with Tae FitzSimons and Douglas Hollinger

Episode 14 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

Mar 5, 2019

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Concierge Commerce is a new service — built on Craft Commerce Pro’s subscription feature — that promises to be a game changer for ecommerce retailers and vendors looking to connect by providing a one-stop platform to shop services and set up sales meetings. Founders Tae FitzSimons and Doug Hollinger have spent years working in the commerce world and discovered a common problem that required a solution: ecommerce retailers don’t know how or where to shop for the tech services they need when they need them. Likewise vendors are often not connecting with the right person at an organization, or even their ideal customer.

A big pain point for many retailers is there is no easy list or search service to find the vendors they need. With Concierge Commerce serving as the “counselor,” they are helping vendors talk about their products and services more articulately, and helping retailers learn to ask the right questions. But, like counselors, they are only facilitating the relationship - not giving advice or opinions.

Unlike most sites that create matrices with weighted arguments for one product or another, the Vendors on Concierge Commerce speak for themselves. Ultimately, Tae and Doug are building a roadmap toward a full service vendor selection platform where users can can search vendors and schedule meetings live on the site.

Tune in to learn how Concierge Commerce is about to become the ultimate matchmaker for vendors and ecommerce sites.

Key takeaways

  • Playing matchmaker between technology vendors and ecommerce retailers

  • The questions you should be asking before you even think about looking for a new product or vendor

  • Finding the solutions you need for your business, and not relying on reviews or popularity to make business decisions for your requirements

  • Tapping into what your company does best so you can better articulate your products and services

  • What you should be considering if your company is thinking about going headless