How to decide if Craft Commerce should be your ecommerce platform

Episode 6 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

Nov 13, 2018

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Is Craft Commerce the right solution for your ecommerce platform? When a feature, integration, or required outcome doesn’t fit into an existing system, chances are, Craft Commerce is the answer.

Leslie Camacho, who at the time of this interview was the Chief Customer Officer at Pixel & Tonic, breaks down reasons why merchants may want to take a second look at Craft Commerce when comparing it against other platforms.

He also talks about his approach to customer success as a genuine opportunity to help people solve real problems in an authentic and empathetic way.

In addition to information about Craft’s strengths and how Pixel & Tonic provides value to clients in search of unique solutions, you'll hear Leslie's personal take on self-care and his journey with mental health and wellness.

Key takeaways

  • Pixel & Tonic’s former Chief Customer Officer, Leslie Camacho, offers insight on how to determine if Craft and Commerce will provide a valuable solution for your ecommerce needs

  • Applying self-awareness to help you sell more genuinely

  • Pixel & Tonic ensures the Craft ecosystem remains trustworthy through its Verified Craft Partners

  • Leslie shares his personal journey with mental health and wellness