How to Decide if Craft Commerce Should Be Your Ecommerce Platform

Episode 6 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

Nov 13, 2018

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Is Craft Commerce the right solution for your ecommerce platform? When a feature, integration, or required outcome doesn’t fit into an existing system, chances are, Craft Commerce is the answer.

Leslie Camacho is the Chief Customer Officer at Pixel & Tonic, and he believes that customer success is a genuine opportunity to help people solve a real problems in an authentic and empathetic way.

Listen to learn about Craft’s strengths and how they provide value to clients in search of unique solutions, plus get a preview of an exciting new element of partnerships and relationships within Craft.

Key takeaways

  • As Pixel & Tonic’s Chief Customer Officer, Leslie is the primary connection between all parties who use Craft

  • How can self-awareness help you sell more genuinely?

  • Pixel & Tonic is ensuring Verified Craft Partners bring value to their clients so the Craft ecosystem remains trustworthy

  • Leslie offers insight on how to determine if Craft and Commerce will provide a valuable solution for your ecommerce needs