Foster Commerce at Dot All 2023 Barcelona

By Foster Commerce

Jul 19, 2023

We’re doing exciting things here at Foster Commerce, and we have a chance to crow about it at this year’s Dot All conference in Barcelona!

For those that don’t know, Dot All is an annual conference produced by Craft CMS.

This year, we’re happy to announce that Dot All chose three Foster Commerce team members to speak at the conference.

Read below to learn more about what our expert colleagues will be sharing at Dot All 2023!

Foster Commerce speakers & topics

Beyond ​‘Buy vs. Build’: How Craft Commerce Agencies Win in an Ecommerce SaaS World

When it comes to winning new business, Craft agencies seem to be caught in an old paradigm of ‘buy vs. build.’

This dichotomy has created a situation where agencies lose potential clients, and clients risk losing millions in sunk technology costs.

Matt’s talk will provide an answer to the question: What if agencies and businesses could step out of this false choice and do business a third way?

Attendees will learn about the benefits of an exciting new business model and its implications for everything from billing to company culture.

Minding The Drop: Using Lighthouse CI to Boost Optimization Metrics

In his talk, Chiedu will guide us through a technical process that can help developers harness Lighthouse CI’s suite of tools to improve optimization metrics.

Chiedu puts a spin on the usual use of these tools by incorporating them into his development process. Developers don’t have to wait for a final audit but instead can keep an eye on metrics throughout the build — which is better for both them and their clients.

Chiedu will show participants this optimized approach so that audits can be changed from an experience of disappointment to one of empowerment.

How I Saved My Agency From Myself

For his fifth talk at Dot All, Stephen is getting down and dirty, taking us behind the scenes into the harsh realities of running a web development agency.

Attendees will journey with him as he tells the precarious tale of nearly losing his agency — until he realized that hope and hard work were not enough.

Thankfully, Stephen has lived to tell the tale and his story has a happy ending that can enlighten us all on the path to success.

Access the talks from afar

Can’t make it to the conference in person? Come back to this page after the conference to access the recordings.

Congratulations Chiedu, Matt, and Stephen for being chosen as conference speakers!