Jeremy Daalder on how to make your online business stand out with Craft Commerce

Episode 4 of the Commerce Minded podcast

Hosted by Stephen Callender

May 19, 2022

In this episode of Commerce Minded

Is it possible to stand out in the world of ecommerce with competitors like Amazon? Jeremy Daalder says yes! His business, Image Science, has more than survived--it’s been thriving for over 15 years.

Jeremy believes the key to his success lies in what he calls expertise-based commerce. He argues that ecommerce businesses that know their niche in an exceptional way, and create content that helps customers, will stand out.

Jeremy has built a website that exemplifies this idea with great success. He has also created a few essential Craft Commerce (version 1) plugins such as Commerce Register on Checkout, Friendly Order Numbers, and Multi Add.

Listen to this fascinating conversation as Jeremy explains how Craft CMS paired with Craft Commerce helps him turn content into conversions and stand out in the competitive online marketplace.

Key takeaways

  • Jeremy started an “accidental business,” and over 15 years later he’s running a successful company.

  • His business is built around a unique vision to have a website that functions like an online magazine, with products available to purchase throughout.

  • Jeremy created a seamless experience for the customer by pairing Craft CMS with Craft Commerce. This allowed him to integrate expert content with products and services — making it easier and more compelling for customers to buy.

  • According to Daalder, online big box stores like Amazon are only marketplaces. That means the future of ecommerce for everyone else is expertise-based commerce, or knowing and communicating about your product or service exceptionally well.

  • What will allow your online business to stand out? According to Jeremy, you can beat the big box stores by doing what he did — making your business into expertise-based commerce.