Announcing Our New Shopify Services

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By Elle McSharry

Nov 7, 2022

It's an open secret in the Craft user community that Craft CMS gives ultimate creative control to content marketing teams. At Foster Commerce, we often say to our clients, "If you can imagine it, we can build it."

With Craft, it's essentially true.

We love bringing new ideas to life, whether building a "dream tool" for marketers or helping online shop owners avoid common limitations with off-the-shelf platforms.

And now, we're happy to announce that we can bring that same innovative spirit to Shopify users who want to expand their content marketing!

Craft & Shopify: The Best of Both Worlds

With improved APIs, pairing Craft CMS with various ecommerce engines makes good sense. So we're thrilled that Craft has announced their new Shopify integration.

With this new first-party integration for Craft 4, it just got easier for Shopify marketers and merchants to have the best of both worlds; flexible content and effortless commerce.

And when you add a headless build to the mix, (our specialty at Foster Commerce), you get ridiculously fast websites!

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Craft & Shopify Plus Headless

As developers devoted to ecommerce, we've been looking forward to adding Shopify to our suite of services. Now that the new Shopify integration is released, we're excited to implement it.

But besides being expert Craft ecommerce developers, we're all-in on headless. We've tried, tested, and delivered headless Craft sites for a few years.

Most recently, we did a live headless build on Twitter.

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We offer headless ecommerce sites that are content-driven, enabling marketing teams to be more nimble, have better SEO controls, and have better page speeds.

And now, we're happy to be able to provide the same service to Shopify users ready to expand their content marketing.

So who might be a good fit for our development services? Merchants looking for the ability to do any one or more of the following:

  • personalized content marketing

  • reducing monthly fees for apps and plugins

  • omnichannel marketing

  • future-proofing their store and website

  • re-platforming

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How Craft Works with the New Shopify Integration

To pair Craft and Shopify, you would still create your products, set up your finances, and use Shopify as your ecommerce product catalog and checkout engine.

But added to this, you'd have a Craft build to handle your content.

"If you can imagine it, we can build it."

A headless Craft website gives you better content management and is incredibly speedy when built right.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • automated product updates

  • unlimited page creation

  • multilingual capabilities

  • localization

  • custom fields

  • section types

  • tagging

  • forms

  • easy asset management

  • user management

  • live content previews

  • omnichannel marketing

  • the option to build an app

  • edge caching

If content marketing and a flexible, future-proof ecommerce site are a priority, pairing a headless Craft build with Shopify commerce is a no-brainer for powerful omnichannel marketing and growth.

Our Headless "Head Start"

You might think, “This all sounds great, but what about the time and cost of building a customized headless website?”

Because we've already built a headless "head start" solution, the time to market is faster when merchants work with us. As a result, shop owners can have a branded store up and running in weeks instead of months — at a fraction of the cost of a traditional site.

In addition, our builds don't require expensive apps, so once we're done building a site, merchants have a full-blown marketing website and store all in one, ready to go.

Lastly, we take the pain of moving to Craft out of the picture by doing the heavy lifting of data migration for those looking to re-platform.

You can come to Craft and rest assured that we'll build it out for you so everything works how you need it to.

We're delighted to include Shopify in the mix of ecommerce engines we can pair with Craft. With all the advantages, who wouldn't want the best tech stack available with Craft, Shopify, and headless?

Explore the possibilities for your online store.