A revived website for a sustainability leader: The story of Measure Meant


Measure Meant is a U.S. based consultancy firm that guides brands through the process of climate action planning and B-Corp certification. Founded out of a desire to build a positive legacy for generations to come, the Measure Meant team works tirelessly to lead and champion organizations of all stripes to become socially and environmentally responsible agents of change.

The opportunity

Measure Meant was struggling with a Craft CMS website that hindered its growth due to how it was originally developed. The Measure Meant team was unable to add or update desired content, add new brand elements, or optimize their SEO.

The outcome

With the help of Foster Commerce, Measure Meant has empowered its team with a flexible Craft CMS website. Content authors can now easily add various kinds of content and pages, or update existing pages on the website without the need for more code.

Image of Annie Murai, at the Spokane Indians Baseball Stadium
Partner & Sustainability Lead, Annie Murai, at the Spokane Indians Baseball Stadium

A sustainability leader

Measure Meant provides much needed expertise to businesses, non-profits, governments, and Tribal governments seeking to navigate the complexities of climate change and enact environmentally responsible processes and policy.

For instance, Measure Meant works with businesses like TCHO, Bliss, and GU Energy to understand their carbon footprint so that they’re able to meet reporting expectations of major selling partners, like REI, Costco, and Walmart.

In another example, Measure Meant collaborated with Spokane City Credit Union to develop a climate risk mitigation plan and ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the credit union’s lending practices. And to date they have successfully certified 29 clients as B-Corps.

Despite these wins, the Measure Meant team struggled with a Craft CMS website that hindered its growth. COO Mark Odegard explained that the internal team had a hard time when attempting to add and update content, refresh its branding, and implement SEO optimization, saying:

"We looked at our competitors and saw that their services were easier to navigate. We were also considering expanding our services. We wanted to optimize for SEO and update the branding, for example, our logo. All of these were critical business needs."

Image of Kara Odegard, the Measure Meant team, and client Trenton Miller
Founder and Climate Lead, Kara Odegard, with the Measure Meant team and client Trenton Miller of Commerce Architects.

An open platform in need of expert development

Despite assurances from their outside developers about their platform's manageability, the reality proved otherwise. According to Mark, hardcoded functionalities hindered flexibility and adaptability, and even simple things like adding an impact chart to the website blocked progress.

"We were trying to create an impact report and couldn't figure out how to do that in a visually appealing way, so we had our vendor do development to get that functionality. The next year, the functionality was still very limited. We had a chart that worked once but couldn't put in a second one! Through that, we realized the website wasn't working."

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Mark and his team embarked on a journey to revamp their website. They consulted with experts and considered moving away from Craft CMS to WordPress. However, a hefty price tag for an entire rebuild made it cost-prohibitive.

Image of the Measure Meant team
The Measure Meant team

The more straightforward path to a revived website

Enter Foster Commerce CEO Stephen Callender and his team. During an initial meeting, Stephen explained to Mark how Foster Commerce developers could revitalize Measure Meant's website and make it flexible with little investment.

After this brief consultation, Mark and his team decided to stick with Craft CMS, which proved pivotal.

Stephen's expertise and innovative approach provided a path forward. He offered the possibility of a tailored framework that empowered Measure Meant to unleash its creativity and expand its digital capabilities.

"In talking with Stephen, we learned that the website wasn't originally developed in an optimized way to do what we wanted. Stephen's explanation gave us confidence that investing money — and not a significant amount — would get us to where we wanted to be."

The results were transformative. Foster Commerce expanded the website's functionality and gave control of the site back to Measure Meant. Foster Commerce developers made it so authors can easily add or update various kinds of content and pages on the website without the need for more code.

They also included the ability for admins to determine the website's page hierarchy and URLs, which allows Measure Meant to have more control over its digital narrative.

With a website set up for a better authoring experience, Measure Meant has newfound creativity. From optimizing for SEO to refining branding elements, the Measure Meant team can align the organization’s digital strategy with its larger overarching strategic growth and goals.

Mark says:

"The site architecture change was huge. It's now intuitive and makes more sense. We didn't have the ability to be creative before, but the way Stephen has developed the structure allows us to do anything. It's much more functional. Every time I get in there and do something, I'm excited about it."

The value of a responsive development partner

According to Mark, Stephen's unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence set him apart. His responsiveness, willingness to go above and beyond, and knack for creative problem-solving were instrumental in guiding Measure Meant through every stage of the process.

From the start of the project through to the end, Stephen recorded personalized video tutorials and offered ongoing support. Stephen's approach epitomized a true partnership built on trust and collaboration.

"Stephen has been great … not only by providing support and engagement in scoping our project and during development but also by being responsive and receptive after the fact. Although this project was small, I could tell Stephen cared about it. His visible enthusiasm made me feel very comfortable working with him."

Image of Annie Murai with client Trenton Miller of Commerce Architects
Annie Murai with client Trenton Miller of Commerce Architects

Looking forward to catalyzing change

Today, Measure Meant is poised to continue its journey as a leader in sustainability. Equipped with a revitalized website and a steadfast commitment to making a difference, Mark commented:

"I'm super satisfied with everything we've done with Foster Commerce. And the team agrees that it's a big leap forward!"

As Measure Meant leverages its enhanced website capabilities to engage stakeholders, share knowledge, and drive meaningful community action, one thing is clear: The Measure Meant team isn’t just measuring good progress — they’re catalyzing change for good.

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