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Our approach

When you look at a challenge from every angle, you get better solutions.

These are the three areas in which we excel--the Foster Commerce trifecta. To put them--and us--to work for you, let's explore our options.

Strategic design

As the cliché says, you get one chance to make a first impression. And since research suggests that more than half of your visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your site, that means the design of your site is critical.

But with ecommerce design, “beautiful” doesn’t always mean “effective.” You need more than nice-looking pages to turn visitors into sales.

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Flexible build

Maybe it’s enough for you to know that, at Foster Commerce, we build exclusively in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.

Perhaps Craft themselves sent you here, telling you that we’re official partners. (And now you’re checking our bona fides.) If so, welcome aboard. We’d be happy to talk about working together.

But if that’s not you, allow us to explain.

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Powerful insights

We’re not so different, our agency and your company. Just like you, we know how easy it is to get wrapped up in “the work” and forget to see the forest for the trees.

But that ability to see the whole picture? It’s what separates successful ecommerce companies from the competition.

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How to save money in the beginning-- and make money in the end.

Here's how to keep from wasting your custom ecommerce money.

We've developed an optimal checkout process that's tested and proved to decrease consumer frustration and increase conversions.

Learn how this simple checkout can save you money in the beginning-- and make you money in the end.

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