We're Hiring a Full-Time Digital Project Manager

Are you our next Digital Project Manager?

We are no longer accepting applications for this role.

Thank you to all who applied! We are in the process of interviewing several talented people.

Job description

We’re looking for an organized, reliable digital project manager who understands web development workflows and wants to work with an enthusiastic, learning-focused team and a variety of interesting ecommerce and nonprofit clients. This is a full-time, fully remote position.

About Foster Commerce

Foster Commerce is a fully remote web development and consulting agency specializing in Craft Commerce. Our growing, international team enjoys working together to learn new tools and processes and create sustainable, high-quality ecommerce solutions for our clients. We are committed to fostering (pun intended) psychological safety and to becoming better humans. We don’t work weekends, we share our wins, and we have each other’s backs.

Company standards

  • Listen twice. Understanding comes first.

  • Make it last. Longevity is a sign of quality.

  • Make it better. Progress is iterative.

  • Stay true. Humility and honesty above all.

  • Celebrate good. Joy is contagious.

  • Learn often. Knowledge exists for us to pursue it.

  • Tender puentes. Ampliar sus horizontes.

  • Be thorough. It saves time.

  • Be kind. Always.

Your qualities and skills

Critical thinking

You love to solve complex problems. You love to learn. You ask why a lot. You like systems. You think big but see and love small details. You like to understand how to put things together and how to take them apart. You see how systems drive the story of how your team and clients get work done. If you like systems, process, big pictures, or details, you will like this job.

Emotional intelligence

You love people—their unique personalities, their surprising reactions, their vulnerabilities. Your confident leadership incorporates empathy for others as you keep people aligned internally and externally.

You want to understand people and how they work. You can initiate and lead tough conversations. You feel okay saying no. You’re accountable for your behavior. You’re accountable for your team.

Stellar communication

You listen, read, write, and communicate well—really well. And you check your work. Professional communication is key in this job. You’re aware of and sensitive to others’ needs. You create a supportive, safe environment for the people around you.

Reliability and responsiveness

We are always striving to under-promise and over-deliver to our clients. You are ready to manage expectations carefully, keep multiple balls in the air, manage your time effectively, ask for help, and respond to clients and teammates promptly during normal business hours.

Obsessive organization

You're probably the type of person who plans your vacations with spreadsheets (or Notion!) and has a chore rotation at home. ;) You know how to keep track of information so the important things don't fall through the cracks. Your calendar is always up to date, and taking notes is second nature for you.

Familiarity with web development workflows

You have some background on how websites get made (how it works, who’s involved, why, and when). We'd like you to be able to triage and assign tasks based on what developer skills are needed (UI development, API design, infrastructure setup, automated testing, etc.). We'll help you learn more specifics.

Familiarity with user experience and accessibility best practices

Your job will involve both scoping new features and reviewing completed work with the end users in mind. You aren’t solely responsible for user experience, but you’re an important player!

Note: We don’t care about college degrees, certifications, or other pieces of paper. If you can demonstrate these skills, we’re happy! That said, if you are looking to level up your project management skills, we highly recommend the training programs from Louder Than Ten. In fact, see details below about how we’ll pay for our new hire to go through this program.

About the job


Your main role would be managing 3-4 of our largest projects (50+ development hours per month).

Along with your colleagues, you’d also be an essential part of shaping company culture and procedures. Our team currently includes 6 full-time engineers, one full-time PM, and two people who do a little of everything, including PM. We all work closely together and iterate frequently.

Month 1

  • Get to know the team, our clients, and our services

  • Learn our systems

  • Shadow other project managers in client meetings and other work

  • Participate in three weekly meetings (1:1 with manager, PM team meeting, full team meeting)

  • Write weekly reflections to identify challenges, point out tensions, and track successes

  • Get familiar with your first project

  • Begin formal training through the Louder Than Ten (LTT) 8-month apprenticeship program

    • This one is worth defining a bit more since it’s a big deal. We’ll pay for you to participate the phenomenal LTT apprenticeship program if you agree to a two-year contract. The hours you spend on this program are considered on-the-job hours, not extra homework.

By month 2

  • Continue weekly meetings, written reflections and LTT program

  • Start leading one large project (50+ project hours per month), with supervision and coaching

By month 6

  • Continue weekly meetings, written reflections and LTT program

  • Independently lead 3-4 large projects

    • Play a strong role in helping clients and teams prioritize tasks, features, and projects

    • Work with developers to get estimates and scope work

    • Review completed work against requirements

    • Monitor progress of projects to ensure they meet goals and client expectations

    • Ensure all stakeholders have a clear view of activities, milestones, costs, and risks at all times

    • Maintain internal documentation

    • Look for opportunities to grow the accounts

    • Collaborate with the rest of the team

      • Collaborate and communicate regularly with internal team leads on project resourcing, progress, and challenges

      • Check in with developers to ensure they are not over-scheduled on project tasks and have everything they need to work effectively and efficiently

      • Participate in weekly team meeting

Tools and process

We’re always refining our process to better support our clients, developers, and PMs! These are some aspects of our current process:

  • Basecamp 4 for all communication with clients and developers

  • No Slack or Teams; as little email as possible

  • Harvest for budgeting and tracking time

  • Forecast for managing developer schedules

  • Zoom for video calls

  • Google Workspace as needed (email, calendars, Google Drive)

  • Notion for some company management (company handbook, team directory, management resource database)

  • T-shirt sizes (XS, S, M, L) for task sizing

  • A three-tier system ("cake," "frosting," "cherry") for indicating task priorities

  • Scheduling and planning by week (not quite sprints, but sort of)

  • Our processes are inspired in part by Basecamp, User Story Mapping, Profit First, and Shape Up

    • We strongly disagree with some of Basecamp’s management choices, but also find their earlier work useful

  • Our company culture is heavily influenced by Brave New Work, Louder Than Ten, and the Common Sense Framework

Location & equipment

Remote, based in the United States. If you’re in the US, you’ll be a salaried (W-2) employee; if you’re outside the US, this will be a long-term contract position.

You will need a dedicated place to work, a reliable and strong internet connection, a dependable computer, and a high-quality camera and microphone for video calls. We will provide all necessary software accounts and licenses.


Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9-5 Eastern Time. You’d work 35 hours per week within those hours. Your schedule can be flexible, but please communicate it in advance each week.


All: Benefits include three weeks of paid time off during the first year and six weeks of paid time off starting year two; profit sharing based on time at company; company-paid learning opportunities such as trips to the Craft Dot All conference; Louder Than Ten training program ($10k value); and more.

US: Annual full-time (~35 hours/week) salary range is $60-70k, based on experience. Benefits include health insurance, dental and vision insurance, 401(k) contributions.

Outside the US: Weekly minimum of 30 hours at $35-42 per hour, based on experience. Minimum earnings for lowest hourly rate is $54k per year with a possibility of up to $70k, plus profit sharing.

Application & hiring process

1. Apply [CLOSED]

We are no longer taking applications.

2. Video interview

We’ll talk with you on a video call first, to get to know each other a bit better.

3. Practical exercise

If things are going well, the last step will be a paid practical exercise, where you lead a meeting with us (as your client) to identify our needs and break them down into tasks and milestones.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, relationship or family status, veteran status, or disability status. Women and other under-represented people in tech are especially encouraged to apply!