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We're now the proud maintainers of the Snipcart plugin for Craft CMS!

Foster Commerce is pleased to announce that we have acquired the Snipcart plugin for Craft CMS from Working Concept.

The Snipcart plugin empowers developers to turn any Craft CMS site into a full-featured store in minutes. You get all the benefits of ecommerce with your Craft CMS build in a low-friction cart service provided by Snipcart.

The benefits of using Snipcart go beyond its simple setup and thorough documentation. The plugin also offers its users the ability to view important statistics and analytics regarding customers, orders, and abandoned carts — all from within the Craft control panel.

Snipcart is a practical solution for businesses looking to operate on Craft CMS but whose needs do not require the fully-integrated, more developer-centric option of Craft Commerce.

Snipcart for Craft CMS is the brainchild of designer and developer Matt Stein, who carefully documented his process and ethos here. We’re thrilled to carry on his work and provide this ecommerce option to the Craft community.

For current users who have extended the plugin, version 1.5 is out now with a change to deprecated classes. Be sure to update any custom modules or plugins relying on Snipcart prior to 1.4.0. If you have any questions or concerns about Snipcart for Craft CMS, you can reach out to us on Github.

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